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2022 Activities Lineup

We are open September 20th to October 31st, EVERY DAY, all daylight hours, 7 days a week.

All activities and music are FREE with free parking and free admission.


2022 Continuous Activities:

  • Take a stroll on our Pumpkin Walk, a beautiful path to the sunflower circle or down to the pumpkin field and back with winding trails and photo opportunities
  • Take advantage of our many different photo locations to get that beautiful shot of your family and kids
  • Try out the stilts (hint put them under your arms for maximum stability)
  • Have the kids enjoy some time in our nature play area and log cabin
  • Check out our mural on the shed, painted by a local artist, Greg Preslicka, in 2020
  • Try some tasty Kettle Corn, sold on most weekends


2022 Specific Music/Events/Activities:

September 24th: 

    • Antique Organ Music:  10 am – 3 pm

September 25th: 

    • Troy Flemming Guitar Music:  12 pm – 3 pm


October 1st: 

    • Jolly Pops Kids Music:  11 am – 1 pm
    • Nordic Princess:  12 pm – 2 pm
    • Freedom Forage Farm & Flower Popup

October 2nd: 

    • Chicken Ranch Country Music:  12 pm – 3 pm


October 8th: 

    • Sherwin & Pam Linton singing Classic Country Music and Tribute to Johnny Cash:  11 am – 3 pm

October 9th: 

    • Charlie Sticha Band, Polka and Country Music:  11 am – 3 pm


October 15th: 

    • Antique Organ Music:  10 am – 3 pm

October 16th: 

    • Kirsten and Ryan Coons Acoustic Music:  12 pm – 3 pm





Barten Pumpkins sells more than just pumpkins!

Not just any pumpkin, but many varieties from pie pumpkins (perfect for baking) to bumpy pumpkins, squatty pumpkins, large pumpkins, tall pumpkins, green pumpkins, even ugly pumpkins, and thousands more pumpkins to suit every taste and your decorating, carving, and painting needs!

We also have a large variety of edible winter squash, gourds, straw bales for your fall display, ready made corn shocks, broom corn, mums, and more. Look for new products among the pumpkins every week!

Families can wander among the sea of pumpkins and spend a leisurely afternoon finding their favorites. Wagons are available for kids (and adults!) to haul their favorite pumpkins around. Take a look around and see what we have to offer!


Updated products coming soon!


Updated products coming soon!


Updated products coming soon!

Broom Corn

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PumpkinsOrnamental Corn

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Straw Bales

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Corn Stalks

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Custom Displays

Updated products coming soon!

Read more about custom displays

Bulk delivery is available for any our products, depending on availability, Contact Us for more details.

Group activities, such as hayrides, are available by appointment see our Calendar page for more information or Contact Us to see how we can help with your next event.